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Project Title: Green Growth Strategy Facility

Duration: 72 months (from 14 August, 2013)

General Objective: To implement the National Green Growth Strategy of Vietnam

Specific Objectives: To support the implementation of the National Green Growth of Vietnam enables Green initiatives. 

The specific objective focuses on the setting-up of the Facility that will aim at promoting green initiatives to support, in turn, green initiatives reducing COemissions and/or sources of pollution. These green initiatives will lead to environmental and other benefits (sanitary and health conditions, employment opportunities, increased competitiveness…) that are additional, meaning that they would not have occurred in the absence of the project, and at a later stage, of the Facility.

Budget: Total budget: 5,500,000 Euro

              In which:  Belgian contribution: 5,000,000 Euro, and Counterpart Fund:  500,000 Euro

Sector: Green Growth


(i) A support facility is created and developed. This result includes the development of the Facility including all its operational rules and procedures as well as management structure, its subsequent improvement through monitoring and evaluation during the implementation of the Facility activities;

(ii) Green growth capacity & MPI leadership increased: General capacity building for MPI and the ministries in the Green Growth Coordination Committee is foreseen. For MPI, the project will support capacity building processes and activities to increase its leadership and coordination role in the field of implementing the strategy;

(iii) Piloting activities in three provinces are supported. The three (03) provinces where the Belgian bilateral cooperation is active in the field of climate change are supported in the field of Green Growth;

(iv) The Facility supports, through a call for proposals, green growth investments throughout the country;

(v) Good practices disseminated and replicated: dentification, dissemination and replication of existing good/best investment practices resulting in actual replications of investments that have already been completed. This result is primarily aimed at harvesting the low hanging investment opportunities (win-win solutions that are both economically and environmentally sound) and ensuring their widest possible dissemination and replication.

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